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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> this specific problem neighbors are having in the neighborhood and why police should have been there. plus, big wins for hillary clinton and donald trump this morning. who trump is calling on to drop out of the republican race now. and taking a live look outside from our charlotte cam, we're starting off kind of cool in the 30s, but plenty of sunshine to go around today. i'm brittany yon vonn. >> it is going to be a beautiful day. if you can get out and enjoy it, we're starting off a little cooler, not quite as cold as it was yesterday morning. it is 36 in charlotte. 40 in monroe. low 30s in the mountains. you'll need a light jacket if you're headed out to sunday services this morning. sunrise gets underway at 6:46. we're on our way towards the low 60s today, right where we
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i'm tracking a major warm up this week. we'll see temperatures close to 80 degrees. that is coming up. this morning, this tow- truck driver is charged after shooting a truck owner after booting his vehicle. she talked to neighbors. >> i called the victim in that shooting, he didn't want to talk about this on camera, however neighbors here are outraged. they tell us they want to know what led up to all of this. >> they are hiring these people to come in here and tow people without really knowing who these people are is the scariest part. >> residents on edge after learning this tow-truck driver was arrested accused of shooting the owner of the truck in a parking lot here with a 9- millimeter glock. >> apparently police are
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neighborhood. that is the more important question is, where were the cops during this? >> officers haven't said what led up to the shooting, but a witnessness captured part of the confrontation on video. the tow-truck driver after he shot him. we zoomed closer and you can see the man who was shot running away. neighbors hearsay parking is a consistent problem in the neighborhood. they want answers about what happened and they say something should be done to keep it from happening again. >> they are definitely limited in parking. it would be nice to see a few more spots put up around the neighborhood. >> that tow-truck driver was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. he is out of jail.
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that tow-truck driver -- that was tina terry reporting. one person died after ahead-on crash. it happened yesterday morning on highway 161 in york. the highway patrol says johnny anthony crossed the center line and hit a tractor-trailer head on. that truckdriver was not hurt. anthony died on the scene. they do not know what caused him to cross the center line. today classmates will say good-bye to a high school student kid in a car crash last week. his family will hold a visitation. it is from 4 to 6:00 tonight. her funeral is monday, but that is not open to the public. yesterday, friends gathered to honor her. shea died tuesday morning when the car she was in went into the woods.
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>> she made an impact on everyone's life. >> just trying to console them to let them know that things will get better. i'm having a hard time consoling my own daughter and i just wanted to be here for all the young people. shea was one of three students from the high school in that car that went off the road tuesday morning. two others were seriously hurt in the crash, but survived. austin lock was driving the car when he lost control and crashed. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. speed was a factor. authorities say charges are pending. 6:04 right now. we're asking police what led up to a double shooting in east charlotte. two men have life-threatening injuries after both were found shot in the yard of an east charlotte home. we first brought this as breaking news at noon yesterday. they say someone driving by saw
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carriage drive circle. they called police. >> it makes me feel uncomfortable. my brother is here and sisters. it is something when you hear it happens, it makes you feel a little bit insecure. >> police are not looking for any suspects. a charlotte man will spend the rest of his life in prison for the shooting death of a man during a robbery three years ago. rubin kerry was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of ronald steel. authorities say steel was shot and killed in february of 2013 when three men tried to rob him. prosecutors said curry's dna was on latex gloves found at the crime scene. >> they are still working to figure out if a string of shootings over the past 48 hours are connected. it all started thursday night when bullets hit three homes.
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old jarius harding was shot and killed. witnesses say he was in a car with two others when a man standing outside fired shots at the car. authorities are investigating what caused a serious crash on i-77 that caused several injuries. a car rolled over in the south bound lanes near sunset road yesterday afternoon. one lane was shut down near exit 16 slowing down traffic. right now we're asking how serious those injuries are. overnight all of the winds for supersaturday came in. they battled for delegates in five states yesterday. after posting wins in louisiana and kentucky, republican front- runner donald trump said it is time for his rival marco rubio to drop out. >> everyone is figuring out. >> ted cruz did that once, again.
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started off with a big win by cruz. the texas senator swiped voters by a 2-1 margin in kansas and taking the state of maine. >> we're el the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this race. >> while cruz's wins made headlines and donald trump with victories in two states. >> marco rubio had a bad night and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. i would love to take on ted cruz one on one. >> it was a supersaturday. from gymnasiums and long lines kentucky and louisiana. [applause] >> and the victory for bernie sanders. the vermont center securing and nebraska. >> we want to make sure that a white house. >> hillary clinton in michiganouting her victory in louisiana.
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turned out to support us, but now all eyes turn to michigan. [applause] even though trump is calling for rubio to drop out, he will open. the office will be located on west ca tab ba avenue. meanwhile, hillary clinton said she will campaign in north carolina this thursday. she did not announce where her stop will be, but plans to encourage early voting which lasts until march 12th. donald trump will be in north carolina this week as well, concord on wednesday. fayetteville. he is stepping down and run for u.s. congress in the state's 13th district. our partners report mooresville resident had first considered the possibility after the north
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new maps following a court ordered redistricting. we told you last month north carolina lawmakers redrew the maps after federal judges ruled them unconstitutional. they said the lines had been 6:09. resign. our partners report, the mayor tuesday. he said he is stepping down due to his health. council will have to approve the mayor's replacement. tar heel fans celebrated overnight after their big, big win over duke. thousands and thousands of fans flocked to franklin street after beating their arch rivals. thousands came out to rejoice and what has become a tradition of storming downtown chapel hill and usc beat duke 76-72
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season title. taking a live look outside, check that out. beautiful blue sky. sun coming up. lovely. >> an update from severe center 9. >> we did have showers briefly last night. those have already cleared out and the clouds are clearing out, as well. as we go throughout the afternoon today, lots of sunshine. it will be a beautiful day. with the clear skies we're seeing now, we're in the mid- 30s. 38 matthews and if you're going out early this morning, you jacket. you won't need it later today. the main concern right now allergies. the pollen counts are going up and we don't have any threat for rain through the afternoon. it is not going to be quite as cool. highs in the lower 60s. changes are coming to north carolina medicaid plans.
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could affect rich doctors you and your family can see. for the first time a mother who lost her daughter in a domestic related murder opens up to channel 9. >> jennifer was on the floor kneeling trying to stay out of range. >> the reason she is speaking out more than a year after her daughter's death and what she hopes her experience will do for others. first researchers found a way to predict a tornado.
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the next few weeks. the
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this is a live view from our speedway cam. we are starting off a little chilly around the 30s across the area, but we're expecting the sun to be out for most of the day. meteorologist vicki graf will have an update on what is beginning to be a warming trend in a few minutes. >> we're covering the carolinas. we stop in raleigh. another shooting where an officer shot and killed a man last week. police responded to the scene midnight friday. this is where the man was shot on monday. the police said he struggled with an officer and reached for a gun before the officer fired the deadly shot. witnesses said din kins was running away when he was shot. jacksonville jaguars wolf was kidnapped for a short time while visiting fayetteville last month. he is from north carolina. the team confirmed he was visiting frens when men with
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they released a statement saying wolf was doing well both mentally and physically. >> >> 6:15 right now. winston, salem, a woman died after being hit by a train. four adults and one child were standing on a railroad bridge when a nor foresouthern train crossed the bridge. everyone but the two victims were able to get out of the way. the coastguard is searching for a texas man who fell from a royal caribbean cruise ship. he fell from the tenth deck from the ship. this happened yesterday morning. the coastguard is using a helicopter and plane to search for that man. a team of experts is testing a piece of debris believed to be from the missing flight. if the experts cannot properly identify the piece from mh370
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tuesday will mark two years since the plane disappeared with 239 people on board. a chicago based meteorologist says he can predict tornadoes two to three weeks in advance. right now they can only give warnings when there is immediate danger. he said he found a link. last year he used it to predict ten out of fifteen tornadoes that touched down. normally this time of year there are 15 tornadoes across the u.s. each week but he said this year he expects 22 with high chances in the southeast. today is the beginning of severe weather preparedness week in north carolina. march6 through the 12th is the time to get ready. schools and government buildings will hold tornado drills this wednesday to practice their emergency plans.
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emergency supplies in their homes and evacuations in place. we're clear in the forecast today. >> yes. in fact we're starting a dry pattern ahead so we're not looking at rain chances building in until the end of next week. ritz now this morning, we're starting off with mostly clear skies and it is a little cooler, not as cold as this time yesterday. 33 in boone. 34 taylorsville. 40 in hickory. here in the charlotte area, we just dropped to 36 degrees. 36 rock hill. if you're heading out early this morning, maybe heading out jacket. >> lots of sunshine today. that will help to warm us into the low 60s. we had a few isolated showers last night around 10:00, 11:00. not everybody saw rain, but now we're starting to see the clouds clearing out, as well.
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today, expect to see a lot of sunshine. lots of sunshine. by midday 55 degrees and highs will get close to average, in the low 60s. just a great day for an afternoon walk or jog. don't forget about the sunglasses though. kings mountain, lots of sunshine. upper 50s, maybe close to 60 through the afternoon. even the mountains looking good. in the next half-hour i'll break down your neighborhood forecast. this evening, clear skies, cooling into the mid-40s by 9:00. not a bad night ahead. don't have to worry about rain. for tomorrow, starting off with sunny skies. going through the afternoon we'll see some clouds building in and a nice day. highs tomorrow into the mid to low 60s so by 5:00, partly cloudy skies, close to 62 degrees but no problems for that drive tomorrow. over the next several days, here is that warm up. by tuesday, 70s.
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could get close to 80 degrees in some spots so temperatures well, above average, a spring preview on the way. we're not going to see rain chances until the end of next week. sunday is the next best chance for rain. you can keep track with our weather app and download that at the app store and on google play. it is going to be a beautiful end to the weekend today. get outside and enjoy it. low 60s. tomorrow even warmer, in the mid-60s. we'll see 70s by tuesday. not a chance for rain over the next five days. looking ahead to next weekend which is always in view, we set our clocks forward an hour before we go to bed saturday night and then sunday, a slight chance for some showers, but we'll be watching that. we get a nice, clear sunny week before the rain moves in. >> exactly. we could use rain and it helps with allergies too. >> i could help with allergies
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phone. coming up in 15 minutes, the new information that shows police may not be the only ones using it. what some local mcdonalds restaurants will do this week to honor two managers killed outside their restaurants in concerns over the zika virus and the birth defects it
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how much you c %c1 good morning. your time is 6:23.
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this is a view from our charlotte cam. clear skies across the charlotte area. starting off in the 30s, but we're going to warm up quite a bit. vicki graf will show us in a bit. concerns over the zika virus and birth defects it is associated with has been linked to microsef fly which causes babies to be born with small heads. allison latos spoke to one that helps children and families deal with this. >> the five-year-old are energetic twins. but their mom heidi had a tough pregnancy and had to deliver them early at 37 weeks. >> he was 3 pounds and she was 7 pounds and something was wrong. >> the difference wasn't only in their weight.
6:24 am
developing as quickly as his sister. >> she was way ahead and crawling and grabbing things to climb up and walk and he was still on the floor. >> several tests said the one- year-old diagnosed him with microsefly, a birth defects. >> his head didn't grow as big as it should and it is still small and that will delay him in a lot of stuff. >> it is not good. >> jennifer and lisa with hand prints and footsteps pediatric therapy are helping him catch up. with physical, occupational and speech therapy. >> he is able to express himself verbally. he is coloring and he will sit for short periods of time to do different activities. he looks like a different child today than he did almost four years ago. >> doctors can't tell heidi what challenges he will face in the future.
6:25 am
is like is he going to make it to the first grade, to the second grade? >> she is determined to help him keep up with his sister. >> allison latos, eyes news. heidi's son did not contract microsefly from a mosquito bite but she wanted to help educate families. for more on zika and high de's story go to and click on the family focus tab. >> starting in mid-30s but that is going to change. >> we're going to warm up quickly after beautiful day. as you step outside this morning, grab your jacket. 36 charlotte. 40 monroe, 33 in boone and jefferson. not as cold as it was this time yesterday. going through the afternoon, it is going to be slightly warmer. lots of sunshine. a little bit of a breeze today coming in from the northwest but we'll see highs today right where they should be in the low 60s.
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will be a major warm up this week. by tuesday, 70s and by the end of the week possibly close to 80 degrees. >> nice way to transition into spring. >> exactly. changes are coming to north carolina medicaid plans. why you may have to find a different doctor to go to. and for the first time, a mother whose daughter was killed in a domestic related murder more than one year ago is speaking out. i just heard a lot of screaming. i heard my grandkids screaming.
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openin %c1 now channel 9 eyewitness news sunday morning continues. >> over a year after her daughter's death, a mother
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>> jennifer was on the floor kneeling trying to stay out of range and pictures julia started when she was -- her experience will do for others. taking a live look outside. check that out. the sun coming up beautifully. the time is 6:29. the sun will stick around for most of the day. i'm brittney johnson. we're going to check in with vicki graf with more on this sunny, beautiful sunday. >> well it certainly is a beautiful start to the day as you can see from our tower camera. throughout the afternoon, a cooler start to the day. we're in the mid-30s right now. some neighborhoods in the low 40s, you will need a light layer heading on out early on. close to 60 degrees today. if you're heading out for your
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we will see the sunshine through the day with highs close to 60 degrees. that is a check for the charlotte area. next half-hour i'll break down your forecast for blowing rock. starting tomorrow mcdonald's restaurants will donate $1 for every big mac value meal sold to support the families of two managers killed last week. we brought this story wednesday. he is charged with murder accused of killing his ex girlfriend and cody watts outside the hickory mcdonalds. both were managers at the restaurant. family members say they dated for years and had two children together. but the relationship recently fell apart. for the first time this mother is opening to channel 9 a year and a half after her daughter was murdered in a domestic incident. this mother has a message of hope.
6:31 am
>> reporter: jennifer was a star student in the process of applying to college when her future was cut short. >> she was 17 years old when she was murdered. >> reporter: her daughter was the type to put a smile on anyone's face. if you were sad, you were not after you talked to jennifer. her sister had just filed a restraining order against him. >> once the restraining order has been filed, i thought that is the most dangerous time. >> angry, moody came to their home while the three were all there. andrea said he shot through the win toe and came inside. >> i just heard a lot of screaming. i heard my grandkids screaming. >> reporter: unable to find julia, he went into jennifer's room. >> jennifer was on the floor kneeling trying to stay out of rain and he shot her four times. >> reporter: she died on the
6:32 am
andre ya is hoping her story and domestic advocacy helps others before it is too late. she saw signs of abuse that ultimately led to her other daughter's death. she wants to encourage others to speak up. >> let people understand that other people have gone through it and that it needs to be talked about. >> she has an awareness im poe see yum. proceeds will go to a program she created in her daughter's memory and gives life skills to women who are at risk of domestic violence and abuse. authorities say afterwards he kidnapped a couple and raped the woman before she escaped. he was later found dead in a swamp from a drug overdose. this large group of people gathered demanding peace.
6:33 am
road and i-85 yesterday. they were handing out fliers that say stop the beef and we must stop the killing. some promoted the keep the peace hotline phone number. police have not made any arrests after two brothers were shot. yesterday at noon we told you devin mcgee died from his injuries and antawn mcgee was taken to the hospital in critical condition. it happened at the jc price legion post. authorities say there was an altercation before that shooting, but they are still investigating. results from supersaturday are in. voters in five states cast their ballots yesterday. donald trump won in kentucky and louisiana while ted cruz took home the victory in maine and kansas. hillary clinton took louisiana and bernie sanders came out on top in nebraska and kansas. at a rally in orlando, florida, donald trump said that he wanted to loosen restrictions on the use of torture. trump previously advocated
6:34 am
which would violate international law. yesterday he seemed to change his opinion. he said he would use every legal power to stop terrorist enemies. he vowed not to order action to violate international law. trump may be in the middle of a trial for bogue bergdahl. they may call him as a witnessness. they fear trump's past comments about bergdahl could impact his right to a fair trial. trump called the soldier a trader and said he should have been executed. bergdahl is charged with desertion for leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009. 6:35 right now. prosecutors say a florida man who landed a gyrocopter last year was seconds away from colliding with a delta flight. prosecutors said douglas hughes
6:35 am
almost directly into the path of the oncoming flight. that happened last april. hughes agreed to a plea deal in november. he is set to be sentenced april 13th. prosecutors are asking for ten months in prison. new concerns whether the irs is tracking people's cell phones. lawmakers were asking about a technology used by law enforcement called stingray. he learned police may not be the only ones using it. >> stingray devices act like a cell phone tower used by investigators. they click data on every cell phone user within a certain radius. they denied they even existed and a hearing of the house oversight committee, it is not only police who are keeping the secret. >> the irs owns them. we don't know what they are used for and to my knowledge they have not released public
6:36 am
>> she testified the technology is used by many federal agencies but the department of justice's policies is limited and not standard. >> it is far from sufficient. >> you haven't even given the memo to tell them how to appropriately use it? >> how and why the irs can be tracking you on their cell phone. >> do you want the same agency that went after people for exercising their first amendment speech right, you want them to have this technology? >> the over reach of the government prying into people's lives. they will let lawmakers approve their policies, but only two chair men of the committee and with many restrictions. coming up, a new project in one north carolina city that will help teachers find affordable housing. clouds and rain have cleared out.
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lies close to 60 degrees. a major warm up this week. [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more.
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mazola makes it better.
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%c1 good sunday morning. 6:39 we're waking up to clear skies. here is a beautiful view from our hd camera. sunshine getting under way in the next six minutes here and a little cooler start to the day. 36degrees right now in charlotte.
6:40 am
if you're stepping out early heading to sunday service, 39 statesville. 41 chester. low 30s in the mountains. not as cold as it was yesterday, but you'll still want the layers early on. expect to see abundant sunshine and highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. i think we'll be a little warmer than that here in charlotte, near 60 degrees and low 60s from chester, lancaster and chesterfield. >> we're going to see a major warm up over the next several days. and in the next 15 minutes i'll take you through future cast to show you when clouds and rain could return to the forecast. tomorrow dot crews will close a bridge after an inspection found a number of structural issues. it is the bridge on hoiles creek road between dallas and stanley. traffic will be detoured to old
6:41 am
it will be unclear when that bridge will be reopened. there is an educational crisis in north carolina. what they blame for it.
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lemme get a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ba we are following breaking news right now on i-4 85 near exit 33. you can see officers have that roadblocked off with their cars. this is at rocky river road. these are live pictures from that accident scene. this is the inner loop. there is an accident there. we're on the scene working to get more information about why those lanes are blocked off and how long it is going to impact traffic. we'll bring you the answers as soon as we can. they held a breakfast to
6:44 am
an educational crisis in north carolina. they met at the church along with the mayor jennifer roberts. teachers' salaries were a large focus at the meeting. some say it is time for teachers to let their voices be heard. >> what i think we need to do is to get parents and teachers and citizens to advocate. >> we have been reporting for months teachers have been leaving the state because of low salaries. the north carolina board of education created six priorities they want the governor to consider. they want the state to be number one in the south for teachers' salaries. it sits at 11th out of 12 states. this is a big point of discussion as they review student assignment. all students should get an equal education in the district. parents are concerned that any changes to the plan would require kids to move to schools
6:45 am
davidson, huntersville will vote on resolutions this week. supporting neighborhood schools and school of choice. they are looking at possibly splitting from cms. a planned apartment complex will help new teachers find affordable housing. the ashville citizen times reports 28 units are expected to be built and open by the summer of 2017. this is a $2.5 million complex. ashville city schools are among the partners behind this project. we just saw the sun coming up. it is going to stick around all week. >> it will be a beautiful week ahead and if you're a fan of the warmer weather, you'll like the forecast. this morning it is a little on the cooler side as we expect. 36 right now in charlotte. 40 belmont. 36 in matthews. even some neighborhoods at or below the freezing mark. 33 in boone and jefferson.
6:46 am
this morning, you'll need that light layer. we are dry. we did have a few brief showers as we mentioned last night. those have cleared out quickly. here are a few from blowing rock. still clouds hanging overhead but throughout the afternoon, cloud the early on, but looking good through the afternoon, lots of sunshine with temperatures warming into the upper 40s. here it charlotte area, by 9:00, mid-40s. with all that sunshine we'll warm up quickly. by midday, 55 degrees and highs for today close to 60 degrees. that is exactly where we should be this time of the year. we'll have a nice breeze prompt north around 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow as you wake up we'll see a few clouds early on so if you're at the bus stop, the kids will need a jacket by 8:00. still in the mid-40s. a little cooler, but even warmer tomorrow afternoon. we'll see some clouds moving in especially it afternoon, but still enough sunshine and the
6:47 am
around coming in from the south. that is critical. that is going to tap into some warmer air, so for tomorrow even warm her here in charlotte, highs it mid-60s. we'll see 70s by tuesday. by the end of the week, that is when we could see temperatures close to 80 degrees. not much as far as relief from rain anytime soon. holding onto a dry pattern this week, we could use a little bit of rain especially considering allergies. that pollen count really starting to go up. we'll have to wait until next weekend before we see our next chance for rain. with any changes to the forecast, you can look for your hour-by-hour forecast today, a beautiful one. through the five-day forecast, highs in the low 60s. this will be the coolest day that we see over the next several days. tomorrow mid-60s. by tuesday, 70s. we could be looking at some neighborhoods close to 80 degrees by thursday.
6:48 am
which is always in view, we set our clocks forward an hour saturday night looking at a slight chance for showers sunday. a look at our evening forecast coming up in the next half- hour. >> i love the sunshine, but i am waiting on the rain to help with allergies. >> yes. it will have to wait until next sunday. north carolina health officials unveiled a new plan for medicaid and it means you may not be able to go to the same doctor depending on where you live. the plan that all ready has at least one mom already upset. >> i don't want to lose dr. gina. >> reporter: she has a rare neurological disorder. katie sees several doctors in several cities in the state. >> that could change. >> it is hard enough to find a neurologist to accept medicaid so the idea they will create these regions that will
6:49 am
is beyond scary to me. >> they just unveiled the plan. >> i know there have been a lot of anxiety building up. >> there will be six regions in north carolina. the state would contract with local doctors and hospitals in an effort to contain costs and they would have to stay in their area. >> what we're putting for the is a plan that builds on the strengths we have going on in north carolina and gives us the flexibility we need to take care to the next level. nearly 2 million north carolina yens will have medicaid. this would hurt folks living in rural communities that may not have the hospital in their backyards where the best of the best go to work. >> it is the elephant in the room, the failure of the state to be willing to even look at expanding medicaid to close the insurance gap. because all of these areas are
6:50 am
areas have a high number of people who are in the gap and not covered. >> the proposal does require legislative approval. mary is worried her daughter might regress if these regions are okayed and can't ty is forced to go somewhere knew. >> she has been stable so i'm one of the lucky ones. >> the state plans to hold a series of public hearings on the changes. the first will be in raleigh at the end of the month. 6:50. tomorrow information about medical services in their area. they will begin hosting military mondays at local starbucks. those will happen from 1 to 3:00 p.m. they will offer information about disability compensation, survivor benefits and more. for a complete list of the locations near you, go to a tow-truck driver charged
6:51 am
truck owner after he booted his vehicle. what led up to the shots being fired? >> first, carolina panthers star josh norman and teammate are teaming up.
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6:55 am
later in the first justin jackson's floater no good, but johnson is there cleaning up the mess. johnson 18 points 21 rebounds in this game. carolina out reboundnd duke 64- 29 leading duke at the half. a happy camper. second half allen getting duke back in. he hits the 3. tied at 49. with over 4 minutes to play, it is joel berry do tending the carolina lead. north carolina beats duke 76- 72. they clinch the regular season title. >> it may be the offseason but josh normal finds him in the spotlight for a good cause. norman and wide receiver benjamin hosted a basketball event on saturday night. that is greenwood high school in south carolina. people were turned away at the door due to max capacity. it benefited his foundation
6:56 am
events and community youth programs. >> they are enjoying this moment. we are bringing guys things they only see on tv. >> this is great to do something for our community and give back to them and that they know we care. >> the kids get to see us out here and interact with people and we're regular people and we come back. >> kyle busch finally got the monkey off his back at his home track of las vegas motor speedway. bush snapped a streak of being winless in the last 11 races. he led every lap except one. now, it is his second straight win in xfinity racing holding off his teammate. >> breaking news right now in northeast charlotte. this is on i-4 85 at exit 33 at rocky river road.
6:57 am
one officer on the scene told us that this is a serious crash. again you can see they are diverting traffic on to exit 33 there. they are telling drivers that is the way to get around all of this. they are not giving us anymore details at this time. we do know highway patrol is working that crash. we'll bring you more details as soon as they develop. vicki, looking at a beautiful day today. >> that is right. if you can, turn your eyes to your tv screen here and take in this beautiful start to the day. here is a look from the lake norman camera. we'll keep the sunshine around. a cooler start. temperatures 39 in charlotte. 37 salisbury. 32 in jefferson. you'll need a light layer early on, but we'll keep the sunshine around. highs today close to 60 degrees, where we should be. if you're heading for a walk in freedom park looking good. 70s by tuesday. by the end of the week, some
6:58 am
degrees and not seeing rain until the end of next week. >> thank you vicki. thank you for making the news.
6:59 am a few 485. this is channel 9 eyewitness news sunday morning. we are following breaking news right now in northeast charlotte. this is on i-4 85 at exit 33. right now you're looking at rocky river road and these are live pictures rom that scene. we just spoke to one of the officers that you see right there. he told us there is a serious crash which is why they have that entire area blocked off. they are making drivers take exit 33 to get around all this. we're working to get more details right now. the highway patrol is working the crash. we'll continue to follow this
7:00 am
any new details as soon as we get them. a tow-truck driver facing charges after police say he shot a truck owner after booting his car. the cell phone video a neighbor shared wirth channel 9. >> it was surprising to wake up and look out my window and see that happening. >> the specific problem neighbors say they are having and why police should have been there. plus, big wins for hillary clinton and donald trump this morning. who trump is calling on to drop out of the republican race right now. taking a live look from our charlotte cam. look at the sun, it is taking up the entire view. what a beautiful view. 7:00. starting off cool, but we're going to warm up. i'm brittney johnson. checking in with vicki graf to learn more about how long the sunshine will stick around. today it will be around all afternoon. yesterday we did have clouds, but we made it to 60 degrees. today, right around that mark, but we are going to see all that sunshine throughout the afternoon.


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